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ADD:No. 21,Jiefan Avenue, Hanzhe-
ngjie Urban Industrial Area,Gutian
Er lu, Wuhan, P. R. China
Post cord:430035

Tel: +86-27-83496903
Fax: +86 27 8349 6730

Wuhan Zonking Metal Products Co., Ltd is a professional factory in producing investment castings, high precision machining metal parts and special toolings or gauges used for industry. Most of our products exported to Europe, North America, Middle East Area and so on.
We have set up a long term relationship with some famous companies in local and overseas. We have some modern machines: CNC machining center imported from U.S.A(Haas horizontal and vertical with 4 axes etc. ), MAZAK CNC lathes, NC wire EDM, CNC milling machines and several tens of general machinery etc. Our inspection equipment include: 2D profile projector, 3D coordinate measurement machine, spectral analysis equipment, electronic roughness test equipment and hardness tester etc. We own fine quality control system: ISO9001:2000 certificated in Sept. 2005 and ISO/TS16949:2002 certificated in Nov. 2007.
We always follow customer's requirement, provide services in: Designing for new product, Proper manufacturing process, Accurate measurement, High quality production, Continuous improvement. You will get high valued service from Zonking.